urlku.info Free URL Forwarder

Just enter the address of your site or page and hit "Go"...

You have a very nice page or site located at a nice place but your address is too long?
Try to remember it by reading it once! Nope? Your visitors will also have a hard time remembering it, so the possibility of them returning to your page is close to zero.
You don't want to move your page to another place (another server for example) or you just don't have this as an option. Here comes our site to help you.
We offer you a short memorable name for your site. Choose the name you like, enter the real address of your site and that's it.
Visitors enter http://urlku.info/ and goes straight to your page.
There is one more advantage of choosing such a name. After all you decided to move to a new place, and then again ... and maybe again. So how are you going to tell all your visitors that you moved?
For these cases, you choose your short name and just update the address of your site. No matter where it is, your visitors will always find you.
WARNING!!! If your address does not have any requests for 60 days, it will be deleted.